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Lima Beans for Dinner!!!

Ummm - We Had Them Every Week

Bonnie and I had been married about 16 years, and we were at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where I was serving as a Battalion Commander.

One night I came home from work late, and Bonnie had already put the kids to bed, and - as a great wife - she was serving me dinner that she had held for me. As I recall, I was pretty quiet, reflecting on the events of the day. After seeing that I had eaten those that she had put on my plate, she asked, "Do you want anymore lima beans?"

I must have had a hard day, because I replied, "No, I really don't want any more lima beans. In fact I don't even like lima beans."

Bonnie was completely surprised. She said, "Your Mother told me you loved lima beans."

That must have explained why she had served lima beans at least once a week for the previous 16 years.

It turned out that Bonnie didn't like lima beans either.
And so for the next 30 years we never had lima beans again.

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