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Visiting Robert and His Family

LaGrange, Georgia
March 22-25, 2024

Visiting Robert and His Family

LaGrange, Georgia
March 22-25, 2024

Jay flew up on Friday night and got into LaGrange in time for dinner and "Friday Night at the Movies." Nice!

The next day it was the 2024 Carrollton Invitational Track and Field Meet at the Carrollton High School Grisham Field, with Everett,Charlie, and Luke competing. Robert and Natalie had weekend sports meets down to a science: what to wear, what to bring, what to snack on ... Impressive, especially when Alice and Thatcher are just a little past the two years mark.

Upon arrival, the first order of business was finding parking spots and unloading the Transit. After unloading, the next step was to find a place to set up, a task made a bit more challeging because there were a whole lot of families already and space was at a premium. Jay found a space that would work, but Robert found a space that was larger, less crowded, and would work even better. Nice job, son.

First were the field events, and Luke, Charlie, and Everett competed in the Javelin Throw; and Everett competed also in the Long Jump. They all did well.

Meanwhile, Natalie looked after the youngsters and also delivered the nice lunch she had brought.

In the afternoon were the track events, and - again - Luke, Charlie, and Everett competed and all did well.

On the way back we stopped for take-out food, and spent the rest of the day enjoying dinner and watching some NCAA basketball.

A great day!

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Click HERE for a copy of the track and field meet program.














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