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Tyler's Braised Short Ribs

Tyler Prepares a Great Dinner for Jay and Joyce
April 3, 2024

Joyce's grandson, Tyler Kernohan, happens to be an expert cook. His culinary skills are amazing!

Jay and Joyce became recipients for his Chef's Artistry when he prepared Garlic Braised Short Ribs With Red Wine delivered over a tasty bed of mashed potatos. His short ribs were so good that Jay and Joyce fell in love with them instantly! The dish recipe included beef short ribs, flour, salt, pepper, olive oil, butter, onion, garlic, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, beef broth, and fresh parsley. It was served with mashed potatoes and a side of sauteed spinach for a savory, delectable, and scrumptious meal that was wonderfully complemented by his homemade sourdough bread.

In summary, Tyler's braised short ribs were clearly a labor of love, combining slow cooking, rich flavors, and tender meat.

A tasty good time!

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