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The Jay and Bonnie Braden Family

John William Braden, Jr.
Bonnie Eileen Dunn

Married January 22, 1967
Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana

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Karen Elizabeth Braden
Lafayette, Indiana
August 7, 1970
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Sandra Lynn Braden
Fort Belvoir, Virginia
August 28, 1973
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Anne Melissa Braden
Newport News, Virginia
September 11, 1979
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Robert Alan Braden
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
August 2, 1982
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The Bradens: Jay, Bonnie, Karen, Sandra, Anne, Robert
Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania - 1984
Our Family Album page is a work-in-progress. I am trying to add a bit of geneology, and am amazed at the amount of "holes" in our family information.

I have determined that that are two ways to learn who all is related to you: (1) win a $25M lottery, or (2) patiently and methodically try to collect the information. Since I am not doing that well on #1, please bear with me.