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Shaun Dunn and Victoria Caldwell's Wedding

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
October 22, 2022
On Friday, October 21, 2022, Jay, Karen, and Robert traveled to Cape Hatteras for Saturday's marriage of Victoria Caldwell to Sean Dunn.

Jay and Karen flew in via Southwest Airlines through Baltimore to Norfolk. Robert flew in from Atlanta to Norfolk, and arrived early and made the arrangements for the rental car he was so nice to provide for our wedding weekend.

During the Baltimore Airport layover Jay got his start on a seafood weekend by finding a seafood restaurant in the airport and by ordering what turned out to be a very tasty bowl of crab soup and an appetizer of crab dip that he shared with Karen, who also had the crab soup.

At Norfolk, Robert was there to meet Jay and Karen as they arrived and he had a question for them. Would we like to ride in an SUV or a Ford Mustang convertible? Well, we knew the Mustang convertible backseat was going to be pretty small so Robert and Karen checked it out while Jay waited for Karen's baggage to arrive.

Yes, we went with the Mustang and really enjoyed the three hour drive down to Buxton with the top down. Yes, Karen's hair was blown everywhere but she didn't care.

We arrived too late for the Rehearsal Dinner, but Dorothy and Paul brought back some pizza, which we enjoyed. Paul and Dorothy were so good to invite us to stay at their house and we really appreciated that. Additionally, Dorothy's brother Jimmy and his wife Beth were there so we got to meet them for the first time and enjoy their company also. Even better, Shannon brought over Kaiden and Mikaela and we got to see the kids for the first time as well as catch up on family activities.

Saturday morning and afternoon we pretty much "hung out" with Paul, Dorothy, Jimmy, Beth, Shannon, Kaiden, Mikaela, and also Shannon's husband Erick. The Groom, Shaun, also stopped by briefly to welcome us.

Dorothy fixed a very tasty breakfast of scrambled egg and bacon tortillas, and there were also bread and pastries available.

In the early afternoon Jay, Karen, Robert, and the O'Neal family slipped away to a local restaurant for some very good eating. Jay and Karen split a pound of steamed shrimp and split another crab dip. Ummm Good!

Soon it was time to get dressed for the big event, which was scheduled for 5 PM on a very nice piece of open property that backed up to the water.

The ceremony was very nice with about 75 people in attendance. There were three bridesmaids and three groomsmen in the wedding party. The Wedding Reception was held at the Cape Hatteras Civic Center and the set up there was elegant. There were tables covered with white linen and chairs with white linen covers; very attractive. The tables all had table decorations that added to the ambiance. There was a buffet with salad, chicken, pork, macaroni and cheese, green beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and bread and butter. There was also an open bar and a disc jockey who introduced the wedding party. The best man and the senior bridesmaid each made nice and sometimes funny speeches that ended in toasts to the newlyweds. At the Civic Center there were now perhaps 110 guests. The party continued with dancing into the night.

Sunday we got up and again "hung out" with Paul and Dorothy and the O'Neals. Good times. But soon it was necessary for us to begin making our way back to the airport. The day was rainy so this trip back was with the Mustang's top up. At the airport we turned the car back in, Karen checked her bag, and we got a bite to eat. Karen's flight back from Norfolk was direct to Tampa via Breeze Airways, and she said the flight was nice. Jay and Robert caught a Delta flight back to Atlanta so Jay could spend a couple days with Robert and his family.

All in all, the wedding weekend was a great success and we always enjoy being with the Dunn Deal family.

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