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Hillsborough High School Class of '62
80th Birthday Party

Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club
April 13, 2024

The Hillsborough High School Class of '62 celebrated an 80th Birthday Party for its alums, most of whom have just turned 80 or will be turning 80 soon.

The main event included an evening dinner at the Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club, with music by a singer/guitar player Ron Carmichael (an '84 graduate of HHS). About 65 people were in attendance.

This party was a result of at least six months worth of planning, and Joyce was a key member of the 80th Birthday Party Committee. They had met about monthly to begin with, and with a greater frequency as the party date drew near.

As usual, the event was superbly organized. Each event participant was met at the door with a name tag and schedule for the evening. There was a 50-50 drawing and a silent auction to raise funds for future events.

For the event there were very nice table decorations that would be given away at the brunch on Sunday.

Joyce ran the main event of the evening: Play-Doh Sculpting. The room was arranged with tables for eight, and each table was given 14 plastic Play-Doh containers and paper plates to use as the base for their work. Additionally everyone was given their own small plastic bag with beads and some toothpicks that could be used, to enhance their work. Well, the people loved the Play-Doh, a number starting to work even before the contest started.

Joyce went from table to table, taking pictures and commenting on the individual efforts. After about 15-20 minutes of work, time was called and each table voted on the one table entry to go forward into the overall final judging.

Then the eight finalists carried their entries around the room so people could view their work. Everyone got one vote and Joyce presented gift packages to the first, second, and third place winners.

Joyce returned home exhausted, but really satisfied with the great way the Birthday Party had been conducted, and with the fact that her contest had been very well-received, with just about everyone participating.

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