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Sandra Convicted of Assault and Battery

What a terrible mark on such a sweet young girl
who was only trying her best

The Event: It is the spring of 2006 and the Bloomingdale Bulls High School women's soccer team is playing the A P Leto High School women's soccer team.
The Situation: A Terrier player intercepts a pass and is on a breakaway towards the Bulls' goal, with just the Bulls' goal keeper between the Terrier and an almost sure score.
The Situation
But wait, a Bulls player is behind the break away Terrier, and running like mad to catch her.
The Situation
(Still more):
The Bloomingdale player, Sandra Braden, has an amazing burst of speed, catches the Terrier player with the ball, and completely shuts down the break away in a manner that earns her a Yellow Card and leaves the Bloomingdale stands cheering, happy that Sandra somehow avoided a Red Card, and glad that Sandra's actions were on a soccer field and not in some other location where what she did would have likely been charged with assault and battery.
Editor Note: Well, Sandra being able to catch the Terrier player and stop what would have been a sure goal did bring a cheering crowd of Bloomingdale supporters to their feet, even if her "punishment" was a Yellow Card, her actions were completely within the bounds of a hard fought game and there was absolutely no intent to injure the Terrier player. In actuality, when Sandra reached the Terrier player they each competed for control of the ball and Sandra accidentally tripped the Terrier player. And, to be clear, no Braden child EVER competed with the intent to injure another player.

But it is a good story.