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The FSU Student Society for the Advancement of Performance Management

Jay's interactions with a student society while he was
conducting professional education programs at Florida State University

When I was working for the Center for Professional Development (CPD) at Florida State University conducting continuing education programs, the student Society for the Advancement of Performance Management, sponsored by the FSU Department of Psychology, came to me asking if I could help them put together a conference, especially since Dr Aubrey Daniels, considered the Father of Performance Management, had agreed to come and speak. “Of course,” was my answer. CPD made its money from such programs, and the programs paid CPD through the registration fees charged to participants. So I met with the president of the student society and we talked through the arrangements. I put this into a document that was signed by me, the president of the student society, and the faculty sponsor from the Department of Psychology.

And then I got lots of new friends. It seemed as if every student member of the society going to or from class would stop by my office to say hi, or to ask a question, or to offer a comment or suggestion concerning the conference. This was nice except I couldn’t get my work done! But we did have the conference and it went well. Well enough that the students were ready for a repeat the next year.

So when I heard this I pulled up the old Memorandum of Agreement, added some information we picked up as “lessons learned,” revised it for the new date, and sent it as a draft to the faculty advisor, who was one of the Department if Psychology graduate students. Remembering all my “new friends” from the previous year, I added a paragraph in the contract that said the CPD fee would be increased by $50 for every change to the MOA, not a lot of money but then this was a student association watching every penny. The faculty sponsor met with me and gently reminded me that Performance Management was an aspect of Behavioral Psychology that emphasized positive reinforcement. Ah, great point.

So I again revised the MOA, this time raising the cost to the society by something like $300, but adding that this assumed six changes to this new MOA, but if there were less than six changes, the society the final cost would be lowered by $50 for every “unused” change.

Worked like a charm. The society reviewed the draft MOA and made all its changes up front.

Gosh, that faculty advisor was really smart, though in some ways I missed all those drop in student visits.

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