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Karen Turns 21!

What happens when father takes daughter out
to celebrate her 21st birthday?

It was the first full week of August, 1991. The Braden family that consisted of Elaine and Bill Braden, Jay and Bonnie Braden plus kids, and Ellen and Tom Mitchell plus kids; were vacationing at Ocean City, Maryland.

It was Wednesday of that week which happened to also be August 7, which also happened to be Karen‘s 21st birthday.

Somehow Karen - or someone - noted that one could buy a birthday tee shirt that, when worn, would get the wearer one free drink at many of the local bars in the town.

So Karen, her Dad the Designated Driver, Ellen, and Carrie set off in the early evening by car to visit as many of these establishments as possible; Karen wanted to get her money’s worth.

Well, she did. We hit maybe 14 or so establishments. (The way she knocked down most of her drinks made it obvious that might have previously visited "maybe one or two" locations where adult beverages were served.)

Of course, shortly after returning to our accommodations Karen could be found hugging the porcelain throne. And calling for Ralph!

Happy Birthday!

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