Fun in Jamaica

Ocho Rios and Vicinity
November 5-9, 2018

Jay and Joyce travelled to Jamaica from November 5 to 9. Although the major tourist area in Jamaica is Montego Bay, Jay and Joyce elected to vacation at a resort in Ocho Rios, about a 90 minute shuttle bus ride from the Montego Bay airport. They stayed at the Jewel Dunn's River Falls Resort, a resort that is part of the Hilton family. The major reason for this decision was the number of excursions and attractions very close to Ocho Rios, and they got to enjoy a number of these doing their stay.

The flights from Tampa through Miami into Montego Bay were smooth and uneventful, and shortly after landing Jay and Joyce were on the shuttle bus to Ocho Rios. The first step was to check into the hotel, and when Jay met with the Registration Clerk, he gave her a very nice tip, saying that that tip was for her and that it was just because he and Joyce were so glad to be at the resort, and he said that he did not expect anything in return.

Jay and Joyce then enjoyed a fine lunch at the all-inclusive resort and were soon notified that their room was ready. The room was very nice, at the next to the top floor of the resort, and their view of the premises and of the Caribbean was amazing.

The initial plan was to set out that afternoon for the famous Dunn’s River Falls attraction, but they elected to relax and enjoy the resort that afternoon and evening and to start off the next morning for the Falls.

The resort had a wonderful beach on the Caribbean, some great swimming pools, and four restaurants, plus food served all day at a walk up grill where Jay feasted on its jerk chicken.

The next morning it was just a short trip to the Falls, which has to be one of Jamaica’s top tourist attractions. Once you pay admission to the grounds you are soon swept up by a Guide who will help you with your climb of the Falls, will take some pictures of you with your camera, and will introduce you to his photographer friend who will travel with you, hoping to sell you pictures he takes of your journey.

Soon Jay and Joyce were part of about a 20 person Falls climbing expedition. Joyce said afterwards that, as she stood at the bottom of the Falls looking up, she wasn’t sure if she could make it. And as she climbed with the aid and advice of our Guide, she eyed the three or four exit ramps that allowed those who decide that they cannot or no longer want to make it to the top to end their climb. But, as usual, she persevered, and was glad to present her Guide with a well-earned tip.

Needless to say, after that large though very enjoyable workout, the rest of the day was spent relaxing.

But the next day they were at it again, this time at another iconic attraction: The Blue Hole. This was a trip down a mountain waterfall with places to jump into the water and play along the way, culminating with a rope swing into the Blue Hole swim basin. Again there were guides working for tips and photographers looking to sell pictures they take of the journey. This time our group was smaller, about ten of us, and we got to know each other a bit as we enjoyed the experience.

Following the Blue Hole there was more to do that day, and thankfully not that much work as Jay and Joyce went tubing down one of the local rivers to see the sights along the way, and - yes - be entertained by local guides working for tips.

The next day began at Mystic Mountain where there was a trifecta of fun to be had: a chairlift ride up a mountain, a ride down and around the mountain on a mechanized “bobsled,” and a zip line adventure that was good fun.

That afternoon was horseback riding along coastal trails and a ride in the water where the horses actually had to swim in the Caribbean. That was a great experience!

Of course we had most of our meals at the resort, and we were very pleased with the service and the food. There was one night of food served around the pool and another night of entertainment. Needless to say, with all our activities we didn’t have trouble sleeping.

Soon it was Friday and time for our return trip home, which went smoothly.

We strongly enjoyed this trip!


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