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Games that we play during holidays such as
Thanksgiving and Christrmas,
and games for other family get togethers


    All families have their favorite games. For example, beach games can include kickball, volleyball, bocce ball, and paddle games using a small ball. And there are games of playing catch, both on the beach sand and in the water.

    And when families gather in homes, there are also active games such as charades, and card games such as Go Fish, bridge, euchre, rummy, spades, slap jack, and war. Plus there are commercial games such as Uno, Battleship, and Scrabble.

    The Braden family also has its games, mostly - but not exclusively - for indoor occasions with small groups of 10 to 12 people. If possible, most games are played in groups of four. That way the contest is a team effort and no one should feel bad about the overall results. Also note that answer choices are multiple choice . . . for the same reason. If you have a deck of cards and 12 players, for example, pull four hearts, four spades, and four clubs from the deck. Then mix the cards and have everyone draw a new card for each game. So Player A draws a spade and is directed to sit at the Spades Table for this one game.

    A number of these games have been collected off the Internet and they are listed here, not to plagiarize their contents because most of the games you see here appear on multiple websites with multiple owners, but to share them without any profit motive. If I have inadvertently listed something that is copyrighted, please let me know and I will delete it immediately.

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Family Games and Table Games
Building Something
Stack the Cups
Gummy Bear Eating Challenge
The Numbers Game
Pass the Santa Hat

Card Games
Chase the Ace
Thirty-One (31)

Other Family Games
These games fall in the category of those where one or two people collaborate and communicate in a manner that the audience has to guess or games that have a code and one has to break the code to know how the game works.
  • The Magazine Game - Nine magazines on the floor and one team member goes out of the room so the audience can pick one of the magazines. The team member returns and is able to pick out the selected magazine. How is this done?

  • The Spoon Game - Ten spoons. One team member goes out of the room so the audience can pick a number between one and ten. The team member in the room creates a design using spoons. The other team member returns and is able to provide the number after studying the spoons. How is this done?

These games fall in the category of the game leader saying or doing something and the participants must figure out how to do it.

  • Petals on a Rose - Roll the dice to learn how many petals are on the rose. How does one know how the dice show petals?

  • Three-Five-Seven - A your-turn my-turn game like Tic tac Toe. Player having to take the last Match stick is the loser.

  • My Aunt Tilley - Aunt Tilley has certain things she likes and certain things she does not like. Participants try to figure out what she likes and what she dislikes.

  • Cannibals and Missionaries - Three cannibals and three missionaries are traveling together. The missionaries are aware of the cannibals and that they are cowardly: they will only attack and eat someone like a missionary if there are more cannibals than missionaries. They come to a river that must be crossed by canoe. The canoe holds but two people. How to get everyone across a river without anyone being eaten?