Colorado Skiing

Copper Mountain
January 27-31, 2008
It began in October with an invite from Tom and Marilyn MacIver, long time friends. We quickly said yes and began planning for our Colorado Ski Trip at the Copper Mountain Resort. Our plans were to arrive Sunday evening and depart early Monday for the slopes, but an impending snow storm threatened the roads into ski country so Tom and Marilyn made an on-the-fly decision and met us at the airport all packed for the mountains. Tom miraculously found room in his car for Bonnie and me and all our gear and off we went. The condo was fantastic - more room than in some of the places we've lived in. And the building had its own sauna and Jacuzzi. It was at a ski-in location, about the closest condo to the slopes in all of Copper Mountain, and probably within 300 feet of the nearest lift.

The skiing was fantastic - too many trails to count yet Tom and Marilyn knew them all. Yes, cold, but we mostly stayed warmed enough. Lunch breaks proved to be good for rest and re-warming. On Tuesday we added up to over 17,000 feet in vertical elevation attained through riding the various lifts and Jay-the-engineer calculated that this translated to somewhere between 20 and 35 miles of downhill skiing. Whew!

Jay won the award for most falls, including two where he was pretty much just standing in place when he lost his balance and fell. But Tom, Marilyn, and Bonnie had a three way tie for biggest crash and burn. Marilyn was tripped by a snow snake on the first day and went down hard using her head as a snow plow. On Tuesday Bonnie went to cut through a section of snow that she soon learned wasn't packed at all - just four feet of loose white stuff, resulting in a big-time face-down snow fairy. Tom attempted to go to her rescue and had a face-first encounter himself. In one of Jay's stumbles while trying to stop, he caught a ski and pirouetted, but managed to stay ultimately upright, earning applause from the nearby chair lift riders. However we can report no injuries, thankfully. On a more serious note, the "no injuries" can also be contributed to very well manicured slopes and Tom and Marilyn's knowledge of what slopes to attempt and how.

We were sad to depart, but we did get in a great half-day of skiing before the trip to the airport and the flights home. Upon our arrival back in Tampa we did get to reflect on the 80 degree temperature spread we experienced within 24 hours, from -10º F in the morning in Colorado to +70º F at night in Tampa. From wearing nearly all the clothes we had packed to having the A/C on for the drive home. Another whew!