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December 2012
This was Bonnie's month. If she had things her way we would have December 10 months out of the year. We attended Christmas plays that the grandchildren were in, had a nice Christmas at home, and made our annual family trek to Perry's Resort at Daytona Beach. I also made good on two promisies: (1) Post 100 Gator jokes on this Web site and (2) Publish the book I'd been working on for nine years - Both done!

November 2012
This was birthday month for the triplets and they had some nice celebrations. This was also Novemberfest month so we had to sample the food and rides. We also went up to Alabama to help Robert and Natalie celebrate Thanksgiving. This was also moving month for them. They had to opportunity to move into a larger home on a larger lot, and they jumped at the chance.

October 2012
The month began with some sight-seeing: from the deck of the Monarch of the Seas. What can we say. This was also birthday month for Everett and Bonnie. Plus soccer for Seth and Savanah and Tee Ball for Braden. Besides Bonnie's Tennis and my golf, we also got in a small fitness program as we put in a walkway project along the side of our house. However one of the bigger events of the month was that Karen had to move. Her lease was up and the owner sold the house - on short notice, after giving karen an indication that she could continue renting. This caused a scramble to find a new location, and she did, in a nice neighborhood close to the triplet's school.

September 2012
The month began with settling into the routine of school. Then we had a great Labor Day Weekend with Nanny flying in from Indianapolis to join us for some fun and activities in the Tampa area. The next weekend was Anne's Birthday Celebration. The month continued with Braden starting Tee Ball; Daylin, Skyler and Sydney taking gymnastics; and Seth and Savanah playing in a soccer league. Robert and Natalie, in addition to jobs and family, took on more responsibilities for the students at Point University. Whew, busy!

August 2012
The month began with a road trip by Dad, Mom, and Anne up to Alabama to surprise
Robert on his 30th birthday. Plus we had other birthdays: Karen, Natalie, and Sandra. This was also back-to-school month: The triplets moved to Kindergarten at Cimino Elementary; Sydney moved to Walden Lake; and Anne began a new job as a District Resource Trainer with the responsibility of overseeing reading programs in 29 Hillsborough County Schools.

July 2012
July brought tremendous news. The Roberts Family is growing!!! In addition to this, we did have other news: We began the month with Brandon's Independence Day parade, one of the largest in the area. We went out early and staked out our usual good location so the kids would be able to catch beads and candy thrown from the floats. One of the fun things for Saturday mornings was Upward Soccer where Anne and Sandra coached Sydney's team; and where Steve and Jay coached the team of Seth and Savanah. We also had some pool fun thanks to some floats from Braden, Daylin, and Skyler.

June 2012
The quads graduated from Limona Chapel School and then it was Summer fun! A family gathering for a week at North Redington Beach then it was Vacation Bible School up in Alabama for Benjamin with Natalie and Robert as helpers. All the local grandkids stayed active with summer camp (Braden, Skyler, Daylin) or Upward Soccer (Savanah, Seth, Sydney). Sandra and Anne are coaching Sydney's team aptly named the Bears as in Bad News. Jay and Steve are coaching Savanah and Seth's team. We did have some sadness. After a two year courageous battle, Bonnie's brother Murray passed away from cancer. His wife Mona and their daughters and their families are still trying to cope with this loss. Keep all in your prayers.

May 2012
An active month. It included: Anne's Graduation from Stetson, our Bucket List cruise to Alaska, and a trip to Lanett, Alabama to help celebrate Benjamin's 3rd Birthday. This month I also pretty much completed my golf lessons as part of my rigorous transition into retired life. No, my golf game didn't improve that much, but I did learn the names for all the things I do wrong.

April 2012
A busy month. We had a nice Easter followed by a weekend in Washington where we attended the wedding and reception for Charles and Grace Wright followed by some tourist things in Washington that included a Visitors Tour of the Capitol and some of the other items of note in the city.

March 2012
We started this month with a Carribean cruise! On March 8th I won my age group for racquetball at the Polk County Senior Games - it was easy; I just kicked the crutches out from under the other competitors. We also had a nice visit with Robert and Natalie and family up in Alabama. Plus we did get away for two days at the Bon-Aire on St. Pete Beach.

February 2012
Our first month of retirement! Sleeping in. Afternoon naps. Taking the kids to Disneyworld. Racquetball. Lining up golf lessons and a men's league. Doing some home chores such as getting the pool ready for the warmer months ahead.

January 2012
My last month with Stetson. Now the real work begins with all those Honeydews that Bonnie has been saving for 45 years. And speaking of that many years, we did celebrate this year's anniversary with a cruise - it was nice!