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December 2007
Bonnie, Sandra and Anne made their second annual trip to the Big Apple. At least that's what they say, because they claim all pictures were inadvertantly erased from Sandra's camera. And, yes, we had a nice Christmas, followed by the annual trek to Perry's at Daytona Beach for a relaxing time at the beach.

November 2007
Robert departs for England, Savanah and Seth playing church league basketball, the triplets' first birthday, and Thanksgiving. Another uneventful month.

October 2007
Lots going on this month, including a nice visit to Naples to be with the triplets and Robert departing for England. But we also had a big birthday in the family. Thanks to all who sent their best wishes and memories.

September 2007
Fall football; Anne getting her class going at Sessoms Elementary; Seth and Savanah in school; Braden, Skyler and Daylin beginning to walk;
Robert finishing up his fund raising for England. A highlight was Bonnie, Anne, Sandra, and Karen travelling to Discovery Cove in Orlando for a great day. Plus Bonnie and Jay continuing with volleyball, and Jay staying with his racquetball.

August 2007
Good family time at our vacation home-away-from-home: Perry's in Daytona Beach. Plus three birthday celebrations. Robert continuing with his fund raising. Anne getting started with a new school year. Karen's babies now nine months old and getting ready to walk. Sandra sending Seth off to kindergarten and Savanah off to second grade. Bonnie thinking about fall tennis. Oh, yes, and it's almost football season again!!

July 2007
A restful summer so far. Anne has been taking training; she will be on the Hillsborough County Advisory board for the Kindergarten program - quite an honor. Robert is "into" fund raising. He visited Sunday School classes here in town and is courting a church in the Atlanta area to be a major sponsor. He put together a few humorous thoughts based on his experiences to date. Karen's triplets are starting to speak a few words and to stand up in their cribs. We had a nice Independence Day with Steve and Sandra and friends; and we got away for a overnight at Disney to visit two of the Disney waterparks.

June 2007
Resting our backs this month, as we spent the last part of June moving Anne's materials from her classroom at Yates Elementary School where she has taught for the last four years. This fall she'll try new challenges at Sessums Elementary. This will be a slightly longer drive (oh, no, have to get up ten minutes earlier) but the environment at the school is expected to be really nice. Unfortunately, with her apartment full of four year's worth of "stuff" the living conditions there will be a bit grim until she moves all the materials into Sessums. Robert is still working on his funding for his four-year mission to Birmingham, England, so that will be him standing outside Wal-Mart with a cup soliciting donations.

May 2007
We celebrated the Memorial Day weekend in Orlando at two very nice locations. My business at Stetson changed as we will be giving up our virtual schooling program. Will be transitioning the program back to the Florida Virtual School in June. Now it's back to continuing education programs. At least I won't be answering student e-mails all through each weekend.

April 2007
On the first of the month Bonnie awakened me and she was frantic. The cat had "escaped" from the house. Wearily I grabbed some clothes and went outside to search. After I had made a couple of laps around the house and nearby neighborhood, Bonnie came to the door and waved at me - holding the cat. April Fools! (She'll pay.) April was also Tax time. Our second year with Turbo TaxTM and - for a second straight year - got our taxes in a full day early!!! And how about this: the program helped us catch an error in the 2005 return, for which we got over $700 back from Uncle Sam. Oh happy day.

March 2007
March is Strawberry Festival time, so we just had to take Savanah and Seth to watch the Pig Races, to see the X-Games demonstration, to ride the midway rides, and to eat all the snacks they wanted. We also made one of our frequent trips to Perry's at Daytona Beach. We just can't stay away from the free donuts in the morning.

February 2007
A big month for Sandra and Steve. Baby Sydney jojned the Roberts family, happy and healthy, though Sandra took a bit to get back on her feet. All is well. This was also traveling month, with our annual business (and pleasure) trip to the Association for the Advancement of International Education conference. For the last two years the conference was held in Boston; this year it was San Francisco.

January 2007
This month marked our 40th Anniversary. Like the SuperBowl Champs we went to Disneyworld! Now why when we live like 70 minutes from Mickey's front gate would we do anything like this? Hard to explain. January is a bit cold for the beaches, and we didn't want to be too far away from Sandra as her baby was due. Well, we did spent about five hundred hours searching the Internet for a great getaway, but we just couldn't come up with anything that met our wants and needs for January 2007. Now we're not apologizing 'cause we actually spent two days at Universal Studios and then two days at Disney and they were great times. We hit six parks in five days and did all kinds of things that we sometimes can't do when we're with the grandkids, like ride the super roller coasters.