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December 2003
Spent the first part of the month getting settled in the new home. Finished Anne's room and Robert's room in terms of installing new closets and doing some painting. Still need some minor electrical work. Will try to post some pictures. Here is this year's Christmas Letter. Spent Christmas at Perry's at Daytona Beach and New Years at Universal of Orlando. Good times.

November 2003
Moved into our new home at 2706 Sablewood Drive, Valrico, FL 33594. Same community, a bit bigger house. Bonnie was a champ at the moving piece – but then she’s had practice. She says, “Doesn’t get any easier.” One of our major tasks was to unload the current boxes and “stuff” from the attic. I then spent many dollars and hours sweating in the new attic to install flooring and shelves so we could store the things from the old attic, most of which had not been opened since we hauled them out of the attic in Tallahassee. Hmmmmm. There’s a message here someplace. Repeat the story for junk in the Tallahassee garage going to the Brianholly garage going to the Sablewood garage.

October 2003
Despite the enjoyment we have in cutting two mortgage payments, we have sold our house on Brianholly. We're not gonna miss it too much since we'll still be able to look out the back window of the new house and see it. So we're frantically trying to move our stuff between now and November 13th, when we're officially down to one house. We always dreamed of having two houses, but we thought that one of those would be at the beach, and not a 9 iron away. Anne is enjoying this time because she's got an opinion about what furniture we need to buy for the new house. We wonder every day how she has such a strong opinion even though she doesn't pay rent. Robert is still at Georgia Tech (Thank goodness). He's been diligently focusing on his intramural sports. We get nervous every time we talk to Robert because he never seems to say anything about school. We're glad that tuition payment is being put to good use.

August 2003
Covered the bathroom scales for six weeks while we recover from a five-day cruise to the western Carribean. And it looks like Anne is into yet another job, this time as a Kindergarten teacher for nearby Yates Elementary School. This will be interesting. Robert is back to school and is hopefully working on his portfolio so someone will hire him in nine months or so. LOL

June 2003
Enjoying the Summer. Bonnie and Sandra are conducting their annual class for Vacation Bible School. Robert is helping at at ScanCorps and at church.

May 2003
Can't believe it, but after spending $900 on blueprints to expand our Brianholly home, something came open in our same neighborhood and we bought it. Also had a nice family vacation in the Florida Keys.

April 2003
Oh, no. Tax season. Last year Anne pulled it out with her tax preparer skills - may have to draft her again the night of the 14th. Robert recently received a "world record" 96 on one of his Georgia Tech exams; great since it usually takes three quizzes to earn that many points. We're thinking about a room addition for the house and suffering the sticker shock. People can buy houses for what they want to add one bathroom. Anne is in the job change mode (What's new?). She is trying to decide between two offers. Stay tuned. Steve's mortgage business remains good, taxes are so-so. Savanah celebrated her third birthday. Savanah and Seth are great kids; got to get some more photos posted. Bonnie is still doing tennis, volleyball, Bible study, and Trading Spaces in our house. We still are getting out about once a week for nine holes of golf.

March 2003
We see that the weather "up north" remains pretty snowy; we've been in short sleeves and tee shirts for more than a month now. Bonnie is still in her remodeling mode - now working on Robert's room. We expect Anne's room to be fixed very soon - a long time to get the fire damage all repaired. My Mom and Dad are pretty well settled, so we now have some photos of their home in Valrico.

February 2003
Looking to find more seasonable temperatures for this month. Heavens, there were at least two days in January where the temperature dropped into the 60s. Any colder and we're heading south! We have still not gotten Anne's room back in shape from the fire in her room in December, but we're working on it. Robert's first GaTech tests come in this month, so we expect the "I'm flunking out" calls any time now. Bonnie is back with her tennis league, so that's good. Bonnie's Mom Claire is back with us so I'll be spoiled some more. Steve is into tax season, so that'll keep him off the streets for a while.

January 2003
January will find Robert returning to school, Anne still out getting business for her title company, Sandra and Steve getting back into the tax business, and Bonnie and I recovering from holiday excesses. We did have a great time at Daytona Beach and will probably return there next Christmas. Bonnie's Mom Claire is off visiting with son Paul and family at Cape Hatteras; my Mom and Dad are just about unpacked and settled from their move down to Florida.

December 2002
Robert has finished his fall semester at Georgia Tech with two As and four Bs. He also was an honor student in intramural ultimate frsibee, flag football and volleyball. Anne is still with her second title company job, one with more benefits, to include a mileage allowance. She has brought in a number of new clients. Sandra and Steve remain busy with Savanah and Seth. Steve is still doing mortgages and is getting ready for tax season. Sandra is teaching at the church pre-school. Karen is still in the job-hunt mode since the Department of Children and Families privitized her job. Bonnie is doing everything; and really likes her bible study. Our home is a While You Were Away showcase. She is also playing tennis in the church league. I am working our spring programs with Stetson.