Wild Animal Safari

Pine Mountain, Georgia
November 29, 2014

We had to have a return visit to Wild Animal Safari - both for us and also for Sandra and Sydney who would be going for the first time.

The park was crowded when we arrived, and there was a one-hour wait for a van. (Of course you want to use their vans, not yours.

So this time we got to spend some time in the Walk-About. We spent some time in front of a baboon enclosure. The larger male dominated the cage and the much smaller female cowered and kept out of his way. People could but Cheerios and try tpo toss them across the fence and intop the cage, or there was a PVC pipe where you could slide the Cheerios down into the cage. The male domineered over the pipe, and the female cagily snuck the Cheerios that were thrown her way.

We were also there for the feeding of the bears. The trainer said that they get about-to-expire meats from the local Wal-mart for a pretty good price.

Eventually a van became available and we drove through the park, feeding the animals and being scared (gain) as they tried to get in the van for the food. Like the previous time we laughed and screamed our way through a great ride. Another wonderful time.

After Wild Animal Safari we traveled to Callaway Gardens to see their five miles of "Fantasy in Lights." A friend of Natalie was able to get us good seats for the ride. Sorry - no pictures - it was dark.

A long but very nice day.

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