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Westgate Lakes Resort

Orlando, Florida
December 26-29, 2023

From December 26-29 Jay plus Karen and the triplets traveled to Orlando where they stayed at the Westgate Lakes Resort.

The last time they had stayed at this resort was in June, 2020, and since then there had been a large change in resort amenities. There was now a Water Park! But, since this was December, and despite assurances that the water was heated, we passed on this . . . maybe next time.

Also, when Jay and Karen were discussing places to get together over the Christmas holiday, the subject of Orlando-as-a-destination came up. Followed by a long pause. When Orlando is just 90 minutes "up the road" and you have been in Tampa for more than 20 years, the question arises, "What haven't we done in Orlando?" But we talked ourselves into yet another trip. Read on and decide if we made a good choice.

The Westgate Lakes accomodations were excellent: a two bedroom condo on the third floor of Building 200 with a full kitchen on an end unit overlooking the lake near the miniature golf course. Over the next three days and nights they enjoyed sampling good food at Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers; visiting Disney Springs; trampoline bouncing/basketball shooting/dodge ball and bowling at Dezerland Park; being challenged by an Escape Room (where they prevailed); playing miniature golf at the resort; eating more good food at a Longhorn Steakhouse; Top Golfing; playing arcade games at Fun Spot; and miniature race car driving at Kissimmee Go-Karts.

Karen did great at local shopping and that took care of snacks, drinks, and lunches.

A couple of nights we entertained ourselves playing the Card Game 31 and guessing the answers to Situation Puzzles.

    In playing Situation Puzzles, a mysterious situation is presented to a group of players, who must then try to find out what's going on by asking further questions. The person who initially presented the situation can only answer "yes" or "no" to questions (or occasionally answer "irrelevant"). Note that situation puzzles are interactive games -- that's what distinguishes them from riddles or logic puzzles.

Good times. Great memories!   . . . and you would probably agree that we found lots of fun things to do.

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Disney Springs


Jump Start Trampolines at Dezerland Park


It's fair to say that Daylin, Braden, and Skyler had fun dunking basketballs with some trampoline help

Daylin, Braden, and Skyler seemed to like hitting each other with dodge balls




Bowling at Dezerland



Miniature Golf at Westgate Lakes



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