Visiting Robert and His Family

Lanett, Alabama
November 13-16, 2020
When Joyce decided to plan a trip to Gatlinburg with her friend Lu, Jay decided this would be a good time to join Robert's family and Karenā€˜s family for a weekend at Universal Studios.

But due to COVID-19 cautions that weekend had to be canceled and moved back into December. Robert, who at the time Universal was pushed back, was in the Orlando area and offered an alternative plan: to drive Jay up to his home for the weekend in Lanett. They decided Jay would drive his car up to the Wildwood Interstate exit on I-75 and find a place to park it for three nights, and then he would link up with Robert and ride with him to Lanett.

That worked well. They had a nice drive and lots of time to talk, yet they got to Robert's home not long after the boys got out of school.

Over the next three days Robert and his family and Jay played games in the house, football in the yard, Ultimate Frisbee in the field next to Robert's house, visited a winery to enjoy some barbecue and play Corn Hole, attended the Sunday service at blank Christian church, and enjoyed many other good times together.

Robert had business in Orlando on Monday, so that also worked well. He drove Jay back to the Wildwood exit where Jay picked up his car and headed to Tampa, and Robert then continued on to Orlando.

A very, very nice weekend

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