Visiting Robert and His Family

LaGrange, Georgia
December 20-22, 2021
On December 20th, Jay flew up early in the morning to Atlanta and visited with Robert that day and two more days, departing somewhat late at night on the 22nd. Robert was good enough to pick me up at the airport early Monday and to drive me back Wednesday. That was much appreciated. He also gave me a windshield tour of the Chick-fil-A corporate facilities in southwest Atlanta. Impressive!!

This was Jay’s first visit to Robert and his new home in LaGrange, Georgia. Robert and Natalie had known for a while that their very nice house in Lanett, Alabama, was too small for their growing family. They found a nice home just south of the main city of LaGrange and about 15 miles north of their home in Lanett. The house was on about 8 acres of property, giving plenty of room for the boys to play outside.

Moving is never easy. And this was no exception. Lots of sorting and other details to take care of to make their Lanett home as marketable as possible, and also planning and arranging for some of the small repairs to their new home to make it really fit their needs.

When Jay arrived, Robert’s contractor Jamie was there with his cousin finishing off what would be a bedroom/activities room above the garage. Robert was also painting and making repairs to one of the downstairs bathrooms.

And for those who are wondering if the chickens made the transfer, and the answer is “yes.“ Robert built a new chicken house and the feathered friends made their move just fine.

One of the things Robert had done was get someone in to clear away some of the underbrush that had grown up in his front yard and his immediate backyard. The object was to be able to see the boys playing out back from the kitchen or back porch. Work had been done well and at a good price.

Over the three days Jay visited there were card games, a trip to the movies, and playing Frisbee golf outside.. Natalie, now around eight months pregnant, was doing well and visiting her doctor on a regular basis in preparation for a January delivery.

As always, it was a very nice visit. Many thanks to Robert and his family.

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