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Thanksgiving 2023

Hudson, Florida
November 23, 2023
Thanksgiving 2023 was again with Michael and Karri. Their home had massive damage from the late August Hurricane Idalia that left more than 6" of water in their home and ruined most furniture and appliances, not to mention requiring the replacement of most of their sheetrock walls. That they had all the repairs completed by Thanksgiving was certainly something to be thankful about. That reflects a level of effort on their part that is hard to imagine.

For this year, there were seven of us. Besides Jay and Joyce and Michael and Karri, there were Michelle Wooden, her friend Steve, and Michael's son Tyler. We again opted to bring in Thnksgiving dinner, this time from Cracker Barrel. And that worked well!

With Michael and Karri's permission again, we included Cinny and she had fun playing with the Kernohan Jack Russels: Marco and Donata.

No games for Thanksgiving, though Jay had a trunkload of them. No problem - they'll be available for a later date if desired..

We again had a blessed Thanksgiving.

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