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Thanksgiving 2022

Hudson, Florida
November 24, 2022
We drove up to Hudson for Thanksgiving Dinner again this year. Michael and Karri have a great home on a canal that leads out to Tampa Bay, and they have embraced this watery lifestyle to include the purchase of a 23" Wellcraft power boat and two jet skis. They also have plans in process for a new dock. Wonderful for them.

For this year, there were seven of us. Besides Jay and Joyce and Michael and Karri, there were Michelle Wooden, her friend Steve, and Michael's son Conner. We again opted to bring in Thnksgiving dinner from a nearby Bob Evans restaurant. And that, again, worked well! Joyce added to the feast by bringing oyster dressing, and Michael added shrimp and homemade jalapeño peppers with sour cream that he grilled.

With Michael and Karri's permission, we included Cinny and she had fun playing with the Kernohan Jack Russels: Marco and Donata.

Yes, games. For the record: Dudeney's Dissection (Parts I and II), Dropping Clothespins into a Bottle, Rebus Puzzle #8, and an Introduction to Sitational Puzzles (Using "A man starts at home ... " and "A man is pushing a car . . . ") Conner just killed those Dudeney Dissection games. Everyone semed to like the Situational Puzzles but it seems to take some practice and experience to ask the right Yes or No questions.

We had a blessed Thanksgiving.

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