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Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra Spring Concert

University of South Florida, School of Music Concert Hall
May 11, 2024

Daylin Alvarez is a member of the Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (TMYO). She plays the violin and is very talented, reflecting the time puts in each day practicing.

    From the TMYO Website:
    The Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra was conceived in 2011. It has provided the Tampa Bay Area community musicians, music teachers and students the opportunity to develop educationally and artistically through participation in regularly scheduled orchestra rehearsals, classical music concerts, and community events.

    The organization is founded on the philosophy that quality, live classical music will foster an enduring audience when community musicians with varied musical experience and backgrounds collaborate as educators, mentors and performers.

    TMYO is comprised of four individual groups with the singular focus of training, intermediate and advanced musicians in the discipline and art of performance.

    • Entry-level String Orchestra.
    • Intermediate String Orchestra.
    • Intermediate Full Orchestra.
    • Advanced full Orchestra.

    Students must audition with TMYO for acceptance and placement in an orchestra.

Daylin plays in the First Violin section of the Advanced Full Orchestra.

We certainly enjoyed her performance and capped a great day with some tasty food from a nearby MISSION BBQ.

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