Bible Fellowship Strawberry Picnic

The Mercer's Farm
Dover, Florida

March 26, 2022
We are fortunate to have Eddie Mercer as our Bible Fellowship leader. Especially because he is a great man of God. He and his family have a 70 acre strawberry farm just north and east of Valrico. Each year, once most of the picking is done, Eddie and Darlene invite their Bible Fellowship Class plus all the class' family to a picnic at the farm. Eddie prepares the meats (burgers, sausage, hot dogs) while everyone else brings drinks plus a side or a desert.

Eddie arranges for a Bounce House for the kids, and he invites a local two-man band to play, and they are paid with a Love Offering.

This is an absolutely great time and there are more strawberries than you can eat or even store away in your freezer.

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