Robert Turns 40!

A Great Husband, Father, and Son
August 2, 2022
Jay's Letter to Robert

August 2, 2022

Dear Robert,

Happy 40th birthday to my wonderful son. You know how proud I am of you as a son, as a father, and as a husband.

  • You reason logically, you speak clearly (and without the need for profanity), and you think before you act. I know a lot of people who fail in more than one of those categories.
  • You are a strong Christian man, and you keep a strong Christian home.
  • You are raising your children in a manner that includes a number of admirable traits, including, but not limited to: a thirst for learning, good behavior, and respect for others.
  • You are a good husband; loving and caring for Natalie and accomplishing all those husbandly tasks to make a marriage work.
  • You take care of yourself: you eat well (and you also ensure that your family does the same); you stay physically fit; and you keep yourself well dressed and groomed.
  • You are active in your church and community, especially regarding sports activities for the boys, to include also serving as a coach.
  • You value education; and attaining a bachelor's degree and an MBA from Georgia Tech shows that you put feet to your values.
As I reflect on the past 40 years, I fondly recall watching you grow and mature. We certainly had good times together in your Rec League sports and your high school tennis. Plus numerous other memories of trips and other activities that I will cherish forever.

After graduation from Georgia Tech with your bachelor's degree, you elected not to enter the world of technology, but to spend some years evangelizing youths in England. It was during this time that your relationship with Natalie deepened, and you were married, and you had your first son, Benjamin. Not many people would have taken this detour from their professional employment track, but you did, and you grew in wisdom and matured as a result of it. And when you returned to your profession, in under eight years you advanced from a hired contractor at Charter Bank to a manager who rose to the level of a Vice President in the organization.

You were selected for employment by Chick-fil-A, an organization that evidently looks for exemplary character in its employees. And you progressed in the organization as reflected in and responsibility compensation increases.

Words cannot express the deepest sadness that you and I have from losing your mother eight years ago. We both wish she could be here to see your successes and love on your family. But there is no doubt that she is cheering you on from heaven.

Meanwhile, Joyce and I am cheering you on from Valrico. The times we get together are priceless. I am honored for the times that you seek my advice. Wishing you at least another 40 years of happiness and success, and sending all my love and blessings,