Our Mississippi River Boat Trip

New Orleans to Vicksburg and Return
With daily sightseeing up and back
March 12-20, 2017

Our 2017 adventure began officially on Sunday, March 12 when we flew into New Orleans and checked into our rooms at the Hilton Riverfront Hotel. We then had to sample some local Po Boy sandwiches and take a brief bus tour of the city before later meeting Rusty and Anne and family at Deanie's Seafood for a more-than-you-can-eat dinner treated by Nanny. Yummy does not adequately describe our experience.

The next morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we traveled to the National World War II Museum, a top New Orleans attraction that requires at least a half-day to explore. Our visit included watching a very good movie on WWII and eating lunch there. The exhibits were just amazing, and we probably just touched the surface of things we could see, hear, and experience.

Later that afternoon we checked into the American Queen, our riverboat home for the next week. We enjoyed our calliope send off from the dock, the evening show in the theater, and the first of many excellent eating experiences in the grandiose dining room.

Over the next week we stopped in a port or anchorage every day and had the opportunity to take special tours that helped us learn about historical sites along the river. We also had a "Riverorian" onboard who provided information on the Mississippi to include navigation rules and the nature of traffic along this remarkable waterway. The staff members of the American Queen were excellent and we enjoyed many hours with the riverboat-style entertainment that was provided. We also liked to talk with our fellow passengers who had interesting lives and - often - common vacation experiences.
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