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New Year's Eve at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay

Rocky Point on the Courtney Campbell Causeway
December 31, 2022

Jay and Joyce celebrated New Year's Eve by going into town and staying at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay which is located on Rocky Point, near the Tampa International Airport.

The Hyatt facility in many ways is typical, two eight story towers containing rooms on the upper levels and dining facilities and convention space on the lower levels. It has swimming pools and tennis courts and walking trails. But the Tampa Hyatt also has a section of small, one bedroom villas, called Casitas, and they were just made for Joyce because she didn't need to walk up and down hallways and ride elevators to and from her room.

Jay and Joyce checked into their very nice room around 5 PM and soon prepared for their New Year's Eve dinner which was at the nearby Oystercatchers, a high end seafood restaurant, part of the Hyatt system, and definitely upscale.

Although they had reservations, when they arrived the desired table at the window was not available, so they waited and enjoyed some beverages. The wait was worth it. Their waiter staff was great and the food was terrific. They had an absolutely great dinner with dessert. The food and the service was just outstanding, and it made a truly memorable evening.

They returned to their room happy and full, to watch the various New Year's Eve celebrations on TV.

Oystercatchers is definitely a restaurant that should be on every Tampa resident's Bucket List.

They departed next morning in time to watch their Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat the North Carolina Panthers in the Buc's march toward another Super Bowl appearance.

Happy New Year!!!

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Joyce is served her oysters, which came from two different parts of the US

Time to enjoy and enjoy!!

Jay and Joyce at the Coi Pond near where we stayed

Oystercatchers has to be a Bucket List restaurant in Tampa bay

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