New Orleans

April 16-24, 2015

Bonnie Jane's long anticipated arrival was scheduled for Friday, April 17, so Sandra and I flew to New Orleans on the morning of the 16th to be there with Rusty and Anne. That day we found a nice place to eat on the 16th and did a little shopping.

On the morning of the 17th we all headed to the hospital for the glorious event. It turned out that Rusty and Anne's preparations for a natural childbirth couldn't come to fruition because of a medical condition, but the hospital people worked as a team between the obstetrician and Rusty and Anne's midwife team and all went very well. We welcomed Bonnie Jane to the Zwerner family. She arrived at 3:17 p.m., was 19" long and weighed 5 lb 13 oz. A small bundle of joy.

The next day Robert and Natalie drove down from Alabama to be with Rusty and Anne and Bonnie Jane for the weekend. It was very nice of them. Over the next nine days Anne and Bonnie Jane were discharged from the hospital and we returned it to NOBTS where we enjoyed Bonnie Jane. Of course The nights for a little bit long for Rusty and Anne, but Papa B and Sandra tried to help out as much as possible during the day.

Praise the lord for another of his wonders.

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