Nanny Visits Tampa

May 26 - June 4, 2016

Nanny flew into Tampa on Thursday, May 26 to spend the Memorial Day weekend with Karen and her family. She had a good visit the included some nice times in the Orlando area at a Holiday Inn Resort.

On Wednesday, June 1, she was picked up by Jay and they went back to Orlando for an overnight visit that included seeing the Blue Man Group and taking a tour of Disney Springs.

Back in the Valrico area, Nanny got to see Sydney doing gymnastics and treated Sandra and her family to a very nice Japanese Steak House dinner at JoTo’s, which we all enjoyed very, very much.

Also, Nanny and Jay got to spend some time together documenting some of the family history, and that was also a very good experience. We’re looking forward to the Nanny returning here soon.

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