Memorial Day Weekend

May 23-26, 2015

I had an outstanding Memorial Day weekend. It was really in two parts; the first was to be with Robert and Natalie and their boys for Benjamin's sixth birthday and that was a great event. The second was to go up to Callaway Gardens and spend a night there and enjoy all the wonders of that resort.

Benjamin's party had the theme of Knights and so - sure enough - the local Dollar Tree was out of small plastic swords so we had to improvise. We used a paint stirring stick and half a styrofoam noodle to make swords, and it turned out they were a big hit. Also, the food and the other games and the party arrangements were all top-notch and everyone had a great time.

After church on Sunday we traveled up to Callaway Gardens where we stayed in a two-bedroom cabin that was very near the area's pool. Needless to say, the accommodations were very nice. We also rented a six person golf cart that was our transportation around the property, and that was fun also. We also spent time at Robin lake, which is man-made and also nice. We swam in the lake and played miniature golf.

Benjamin's Sixth Birthday

Callaway Gardens


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