MacIvers Visit to Tampa

October 23-24, 2015

Had very nice surprise for the third week in October - my great friends from Army days and from Colorado mountain-cabining and Colorado Skiing came into Tampa for a visit. What a nice two days sharing memories of old times and catching up on family activities.

we did some things that I think were fun: We visited dear friend Eddie Mercer at his strawberry farm in Dover, and Eddie was gracious enough to share information about how strawberries are planted, watered, weeded, protected from viruses, and otherwise nurtured.

Then we traveled down to Ybor City where we visited the state museum and learned about the city's role in cigar manufacturing and toured a home that was used by a family in the cigar making business. While we were there, we ate at the famous Columbia Restaurant and enjoy both the service and the food.

After that we went down to the dock that is part of the Florida Aquarium and took a Dolphin Sightseeing Tour out on Tampa Bay. A perfect after-lunch activity.

The next day we traveled to Clearwater Beach where we enjoyed the sun and the sand, and where Marilyn and I got to take a nice walk along the beach with our feet in the surf. Then we ate lunch at a restaurant on the beach and had some good seafood eating.

Then it was to the airport - come back soon!!!

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