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Love-a-Palooza 2024

Fellowship Baptist Church, Thonotosassa, Florida
February 9, 2024

This year Fellowship Baptist Church (FBC301) again developed an event for its seniors in the spirit of Valentine's Day. The Love-a-Palooza was conducted by the church's Joy 60+ Ministry at the Connection Center.

Love-a-Palooza was conducted on a Friday night, five days before Valentines Day. There were somewhere around 100 participants, and many came wearing themed costumes, which was fun. The event included a surf and turf dinner and entertainment by singers Steve and Laura Brady. A number of older youth from the church performed as food servers and also cleared tables. They also ran the sound system and provided a photographer. The main host of the event was Pastor David Spencer, who is the Joy 60+ Minister. Jay assisted with some of the introductions and by "entertaining" the guests as they were waiting in line to eat with some "Groaner" love riddles. Here are two of the 30 or so riddles:

Q: What do a couple of birds who are affectionate call each other?
A: Tweetheart

Q: How did the sandwich confess her love?
A: She said, "You mean a great dill to me."

Jay also developed the questions and answers to the Not-So-Newlywed Game. There was also a photo booth created and many people had their pictures taken in costume. Jay and Joyce had their costumes and - as a couple - they were probably the best dressed couple there, but surely Joyce's outfit was tops among the ladies.

We had a very good time!

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Very tasty Surf&Turf served by youth and youth ministers

Host and Event Developer Pastor David
Jay helping out with announcements and riddles

Steve and Laura with 70s and Gospel Music
The Not-So-Newlywed Game
PhotoBooth Fun

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