Winter Haven, Florida
December 26, 2015
The day after Christmas Steve and Sandra and their family, and me traveled to Winter Haven, Florida, to experience LegoLand.

We had some old tickets that were about to expire so we need to do use them and it seemed like a good adventure for the day. We got up somewhat early and made the 55 minute trip and were there almost an hour before the park opened. But we were fortunate that they opened the park early and so we went in and had the fun of going on a lot of rides with almost no waiting time at all.

In addition to the rides, we also got to see their water ski show, which was good. The weather was great, in the 80s and the sky was slightly overcast, so the heat wasn't that bad.

Later in the day it got ready to rain but by that time we had had as much fun as we could and we're ready to head home. The park was very nice because the people there extended some of our leftover tickets that we did not use for six months, so we have some more time to go back and experience the fun.

Thanks to Steve for driving us there and back.

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