Lanett, Alabama

Celebrating Benjamin's Sixth Birthday
May 22-24, 2015

Traveled to Lanett, Alabama, to be there with Robert and Natalie and their boys as they celebrated Benjamin's sixth birthday. I flew in from Tampa to Atlanta and got a car to drive down to Lanett. I flew on Southwest Airlines and all was good.

It was nice seeing the boys, and Benjamin was ready to play "Clash of Clans" on my iPad and iPhone whenever Robert and Natalie would let him.

We had Chinese to go from a local restaurant on the night I got there and that was good. And we made a shopping run for birthday items. One of the things we looked for was styrofoam swords and plastic shields. Naturally we couldn't find them so we made our own using 18" paint stirring sticks and styrofoam swimming noodles. It was some work, but they were a hit.

Saturday we spent most of the day setting up for the party, which was in the front yard. We moved the trampoline in place and did a bit of cleaning on it and some maintenance work. It, too, was a party hit. Natalie kept us all on track with some excellent checklists so we could see our progress and hopefully not forget anything. We put up tables and chairs and two awnings and set up the grill. Robert set up the screen and projector. We hung the piñata and talked about our party games. Natalie worked in the kitchen with the food and the birthday cupcakes.

Benjamin's party on Saturday evening was excellent. When the children weren't eating or playing they were decorating things at their table. Many of the kids came dressed as knights or princesses. A number of Benjamin's friends were there including some from church and school, and Point University students from the college ministry. As it grew dark, the party ended with "popcorn and a movie." Always fun!!!

It was a great day and I don't think any of us had trouble sleeping that night.

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