Lanett, Alabama

Celebrating Charlie's First Birthday
January 30 - February 2, 2015

Traveled to Lanett, Alabama, to be there with Robert and Natalie and their boys as they celebrated Charlie's first birthday. I flew in from Tampa to Atlanta with one stop at Charlotte. My US Airways flight was on time and uneventful, and that is always good.

Also got to see Benjamin playing in his recreational league basketball. The way that the league set up the rules and administered for these young players was very impressive. And Benjamin, for his first time playing basketball, was good.

Got to spend some time with Benjamin and Everett at a local bounce house place called Jump for Joy. It turned out I did not get any pictures of them jumping, only pictures of them enjoying their snacks. Everett was a little hesitant about going down the large slide, but by the end of the time there he was slip-sliding away.

Charlie's party on Sunday afternoon after church was excellent. Natalie had baked him a Cheerios cake, which he thoroughly enjoyed. The rest of us had good food fixed by Robert and Natalie, and also birthday cupcakes.

My return flight was also through Charlotte, and as I was boarding the Atlanta to Charlotte leg of my flight, again with US Airways, the gate attendant informed me that the flight was too full and that I would have to check my carry-on bag. I tried to explain, completely unsuccessfully, that I had something to do immediately upon my return to Tampa (Shower Ministry) and that I would not have time to retrieve a checked bag and that my the bag they wanted to have checked had already traveled on their airlines as a carry-on.

With a deaf ear they proceeded to hand me a baggage check claim, put a baggage tag around my carry-on, and then carry that bag down the gangway to the place where the baggage crew could pick it up.

After taking that bag away from me, they then said I could board, so then I walked down the gangway ready to enter the plane. At the bottom of the gangway was my bag with its baggage claim tag on it. Guess who ripped the tag off it and carried it onto the plane where it was easily stowed in the luggage overhead luggage compartment. The only thing remaining was for me to slink low in my seat and hope that the TSA didn't come down the aisle to escort me off the plane. But my life of crime turned out to be a success, and I did make it to the Shower Ministry just barely on time.

It was a very good visit with Robert and Natalie, and I was very glad they invited me up.

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