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Lawrence Central High School Class of '62 60th Reunion

Indianapolis, Indiana
September 21-22, 2022

The Lawrence Central High School Class of '62 Reunion was held on September 21 and 22, 2022, in and around Fishers, Indiana.

This Reunion had been discussed since the previous one (#55) but had actually not gone into formal planning until about 10 months prior.

A Reunion Committee was formed, with the two major contributors being Jim Cook and Wilbur Sutton. Wilbur would be the central point of contact for receiving and transmitting reunion emails and other correspondence and serving as Treasurer; Jim Cook would be responsible for locating classmates and creating the 60th Reunion LCHS yearbook.

The committee met just about every two weeks by Zoom with one of the first orders of business being to divide up the United States in the regions where alumni lived and finding someone to contact each of these alums and to let them know that a 60th Reunion was being planned. Prior to each meeting Jim Cook would send an email out with the Zoom link for the committee members, and after each meeting he sent out the notes.

Each alum who was contacted was encouraged to submit up to two photos for the 60th Reunion Yearbook and also to provide around 50 words to let people how he are she was doing.

Other committee tasks included selecting the exact dates for the reunion, arranging the location(s) for the Reunion activities, developing a schedule of events, identifying possible accommodations for those coming in from out of town, selecting a menu, setting a cost, and publicizing the event.

Jim's work in finding people and in preparing and publishing the yearbook was Herculean, and the resulting yearbook of 64 pages was just terrific. The picnic at the Sutton home on Wednesday afternoon was fun, and the catered dinner at the Delaware County Community Center was plentiful and tasty.

About 20 people attended the picnic at the Suttons. Wilbur and Marcia prepared a very nice lunch and others also contributed to the food and beverages there. For those interested, the Sutton pool was also available for a quick dip. That afternoon there was lots of camaraderie and catching up. Thanks again to the Suttons.

The next morning about 20 people gathered up and traveled individually and collectively to downtown paper to meet at Bottle Works, formerly a Coca-Cola bottling plant, and now a top Indianapolis attraction.

There they enjoyed a tour of the hotel area led by Marsha Sutton who was familiar with the facility. Everyone was impressed with the architecture and style of the common areas and of the hotel rooms and meeting areas. There were photographs throughout the Bottle Works that depicted the earlier operations of the bottling plant. Very, very interesting.

Following the tour the group moved to a nearby building, also part of Bottle Works, that hosted a large number of food court vendors, and everyone got to sample their favorite meals, snacks, and beverages.

After a fun time at Bottle Works, all the participants returned to their various accommodations to prepare for the evening's Reunion Dinner.

The Delaware County Community Center was an excellent location and the price for using the facility was very reasonable thanks to Sherri and Dave Pritchard who are county residents and who got the resident rate for rental of the space.

That night we met at the Community Center and learned that we were the only group booked for that night so we had the facility all to ourselves.

Our room was spacious, with plenty of space to set up tables for the buffet, a table for coffee, and "rounds" for the attendees. About 15 of the attendees arrived early to arrange/rearrange tables, set out table clothes and table decorations, blow up festivity balloons, and hook up the sound system.

Wilbur Sutton, Reunion Co-Chair, led with a welcome and introduction of key players. He identified the alum who had traveled the farthest to attend and also those present who had been at the 55th Reunion.

Thanks were given to:

  • Wilber Sutton and Jim Cook, co-leaders of the Reunion Committee.
  • Wilber and Marsha Sutton, for hosting the picnic on the 21st at their home
  • Wilbur Sutton who created a slide show and operated the AV system for the evening. (During the evening he was able to link up via Zoom with Ann Jefferies and Susie Wildridge Lane who were not able to attend, giving reunion attendees the opportunity to say hi and chat via the Zoom medium.)
  • Jim Cook, Reunion Co-Chair, who also brought in a number of door prizes in addition to all his work traching down LCHS Alums and Creating the yearbook.
  • Gerry Zimmerman, Reunion Committee Member, who brought in 16 jars of his famous honey for door prizes. He was also a major contributor the Memories section of the yearbook.
  • Sally Kremer, Reunion Committee Member, who created the table decorations for the dinner and drew the yearbook cover.
  • Jay Braden, Reunion Committee Member, who would be leading some games and who developed the Memories section of the Yearbook.
  • Bonnie Chapple who added the Castleton School pages to the Yearbook.
  • All those who arrived early to the Reunion Dinner to help set up; work that included moving some chairs, inflating balloons, wrapping presents, and setting up the audio-visual system we would use throughout the evening.

Jerry Zimmerman followed with a Reunion Prayer, and Jay Braden conducted two quick games – the Numbers Game and a multiple choice quiz on 1962 Activities and People. This was followed by the dinner.

The caterers were prompt and efficient and the buffet was very good and also plentiful. The caterer, MCL, was a good choice.

Then Jay continued with games that included a Rebus Puzzle and a Picture Puzzle Logic Game.

Everyone seemed to have a very good time that left people wondering if another Reunion might be in the future. Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Note: Tom and Ellen were great: On the morning Jay flew in, they picked him up for a surprise visit to the Major General Lew Wallace Study and Museum in Crawfordsville, where they had booked a tour. The tour and the grounds were very interesting, Tom and Ellen had picked a great place to visit. Afterwards they all had lunch at a local restaurant in the town. Tom and Ellen also let Jay stay with them. Ellen took Jay to all the reunion events (as his "date") and, after the reunion, delivered him back to the airport. THANK YOU!

A very nice time in all repects.

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September 21 Afternoon Picnic at the Home of Wilbur and Marsha Sutton






September 22 Morning Tour of Bottle Works in Indianapolis






September 22 Noon Lunch At the Bottle Works Food Court

September 22 Afternoon Setting Up for the Reunion Dinner

Jay and His Games at the Reunion Dinner




Wilbur Sutton Connecting Alums via Zoom

Lot's of "Catching Up" and Fellowship

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