Trip to Indianapolis

June 26-30, 2014

Since Nanny had fallen and injured her hip, she was not able to attend Bonnie's Celebration of Life service in Valrico, Florida. So on Thursday, June 26 I flew in and arrived at night to be with her for Friday, Saturday, Sunday; departing Monday. We had an excellent time.
  • On Friday we drove in town to the Indianapolis Zoo and visited the new Orangutan Exhibit. We also walked through portions of the park. Very interesting. Later I became worried that I had Nanny overdo herself with the amount of exercise I put her to, but she was largely okay, except that her knee was bothering her next few days. Later that day Ellen and Tom asked us to join them, along with daughters Colleen and Katie, for a cookout at their house and it was very nice.
  • On Saturday we went to the Children's Museum and visited the Terra-Cotta Warriors exhibit from China. It was superb. Nanny’s friend Pat joined us for the visit and we're glad she could do so. Saturday night Nanny took me and Ellen’s family out to dinner at Charleston’s, a very nice ribs restaurant which we enjoyed very much.
  • Sunday we went to the Carmel United Methodist Church and then drove again into Indianapolis and visited the Indiana State Museum, where we watched a very interesting IMAX show on the lemurs from Madagascar. That evening we again went to Tom and Ellen and were joined by their friends Judy and Gary for a very nice meal.
During the stay I also got to meet Nanny's friend Bob and many of her other friends from Rosewalk. We also traveled a number of times through downtown Carmel and it is a beautiful place.

It was a wonderful trip and I look forward to doing it again soon.

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