Trip to Indianapolis

January 23-25, 2015

Had another nice visit with Nanny. And also got to see Tom, Ellen, Colleen, and Katie. And again spent some time with Mom's friends Bob and Pat.

Over the four days I was there one very nice occasion was the pleasantly surprising visit from Kyle, Amanda, and Major; who were in town getting Amanda an ID card. we also went out for meals a number of times, shopped for Anne's baby shower, saw an IMAX movie called Jerusalem with Mom and Pat, visited the beautiful Carmel public library, played card games (Pat, Mom & me), saw American Sniper with Mom and Bob, sat in the front row with Ellen and Mom for a great magic show, and saw Unbroken (with Tom).

For the magic show, I sat within five feet of the magician doing sleight-of-hand tricks and couldn't "catch" him in anything.

For the card games with Mom and Pat, let's just say that I was evidently a poor teacher as they had some difficulties catching on to the games. But it was a lot of fun.

The weather was also an interesting part of the trip. Thursday morning I was in shirtsleeves in Tampa, and Thursday afternoon I was braving 40F weather in Indianapolis. Thought it might snow and mess up the return trip, but it didn't and that was good.

It was another wonderful visit and I am planning how and when we can get together again or get Mom to come here.

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