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The Braden Family - well, the Jay and Bonnie part - began in 1967. At the time they married, Jay was working for the Indiana State Highway Commission, and he soon entered the Army, where the family grew and traveled over the next 30 years. Many of the work-related stories are contained on this Website under Army Stuff.

Here are some of the other stories in no particular order.

Finding a Motel
It was late at night and we were driving endlessly - it seemed - across the desert trying to find a place to stay.

The Bad Durkheim Wine Fest
Great fun, but what happens when a German fest-goer decides he doesn't like something Bonnie has done?

Lima Beans
These were a staple of the Braden family menu - until one night at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


Bonnie Turns 60
A collection of memories on the occasion of Bonnie's 60th birthday.

Pool Work
What if a contractor does poor work?
How can you find the expertise and witnesses to go to court?

My Stetson Admin Assistant
We had a good working relationship
that paid off.


Bill and Elaine's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Planning not one, but two, celebrations.

Car Buying
Everybody has stories about car buying.
Here are some of ours.

Toy Soldier Games
One of the games Jay and Robert played ... and an epilogue 25 years later.


Performance Management
Jay's interactions with a student society while he was at Florida State University.

A Smelly Stinky Story
What happened in the living room of our house when a lady friend visited Bonnie?

Ralph Lauren Jeans
Karen and Sandra just had to have Ralph Lauren jeans for the perfect fit!!