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All families have stories. Thousands and thousands of them. Some are funny, some are sad, some reflect lessons learned, and some are simply a record of a family activity such as a trip to the beach.

Some stories are documented in diaries. Some show up in letters. Some are not written but are illustrated in family picture albums. Many now are embedded in social media sites such as Facebook. Most are simply passed down by word of mouth.

Anyone with the dedication, time, and effort could fill a book with Family Stories.

The BradenClan Website began in the year 2000. It has stories. Since its inception or shortly thereafter it has included a monthly calendar with linked Web pages, a monthly blog, and some other pages - notably pages on Jay's military service, and pages of Gator Jokes reflecting Jay's loyalty to Florida State University by his good natured jokes against its arch rival, the University of Florida. The site also includes a small amount of family tree information that really needs to be expanded.

With all this being said, it should be a surprise that the number of stories listed on this particular Webpage are so few. Yes, there should be many, many more. But the Braden stories are not just here, they are in the pictures, and in the stories included especially within four other locations: Army Stuff, Some Army Stories, Bonnie at 60, and Celebrate Bonnie, and embedded in 30 years of annual Christmas Letters. There are also a number of stories about Robert that were collected on the occasion of his 30th Birthday.

Here are some of our other stories in no particular order.

Finding a Motel
It was late at night and we were driving endlessly - it seemed - across the desert trying to find a place to stay.

The Bad Durkheim Wine Fest
Great fun, but what happens when a German fest-goer decides he doesn't like something Bonnie has done?

Lima Beans
These were a staple of the Braden family menu - until one night at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Bonnie Turns 60
A collection of memories on the occasion of Bonnie's 60th birthday.

Sandra Convicted of Assault
What a terrible mark on such a sweet young girl who was only trying her best.

My Stetson Admin Assistant
We had a good working relationship
that paid off.

Bill and Elaine's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Planning not one, but two, celebrations.

Car Buying
Everybody has stories about car buying.
Here are some of ours.

Toy Soldier Games
One of the games Jay and Robert played ... and an epilogue 25 years later.

Performance Management
Jay's interactions with a student society while he was at Florida State University.

A Smelly Stinky Story
What happened in the living room of our house when a lady friend visited Bonnie?

Ralph Lauren Jeans
Karen and Sandra just had to have Ralph Lauren jeans for the perfect fit!! But Dad had a different idea.

Coaching Youth Sports
Jay's philosophy and some suggestions for coaches of youth sports.

Coaching Soccer
What happens when a parent make a suggestion about coaching.

Playing Church League Softball
Playing, at 58, on a softball team
with players half that age.

A Squirrelly Problem
What to do with squirrels who chew holes in your lanai screen.

Steppin' Stone Farm
Jay and Bonnie travelled to nearby Lithia, Florida, every other week to conduct volleyball clinics.

Summers in Woodlawn
Enjoying the Independence Day Holiday with the Sales and the Wagenfers.

Up, Up, and Away - or Not!
Two airport experiences
Will they make their flight?

Karen Turns 21
What happens when father takes daughter out
to celebrate her 21st birthday?

Dinner with the Imels
Have you ever eaten dinner on your way to have dinner with friends?

The Braden's First Pool
Swimming will be fun
- once we get the pool built.

The Braden's Second Pool
What if a contractor does poor work?
Can you take him to court?

Airplane Carry-Ons
How to get your carry-on
past the Airport Gate Guards

The Life Group Gift Exchange
Who gives someone a Scientology book
at a Baptist Church Christmas Party?

Bonnie Bears
A special gift to each of Bonnie's grandchildren

CMF GlobalScope
Starting a new Campus Ministry at the University of Birmingham

The Shower Ministry
Providing showers to needy people using trailer-mounted showers

Wedding Dress Shopping
A primer for the soon-to-be Father of the Bride so he can gird his loins

Spring Training Baseball
The Braden Family goes to a Spring Training Game needing tickets