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First Baptist Church 301 Trunk or Treat 2022

Seffner, Florida
October 31, 2022

This year, Fellowship Baptist Church conducted its first Trunk or Treat activity, and it was conducted at its Seffner Campus located in a community of around 6,000 homes.

Trunk or Treat is a Fun and Safe Way to Celebrate Halloween

Trunk or Treat is a great opportunity for families to have some outside time in their community. For Fellowship Baptist Church, this was a great way to support some safe community fun, to broaden its exposure to the Seffner Community, and to identify families that might wish to make the FBC301 - Seffner their church home.
This event provided the perfect place for children to experience showing off their costumes with others in a safe environment. In addition, this allowed children to solicit and receive candy and other trinkets without the worry of sharing with anonymous trick-or-treaters.

How it works: Church volunteers decorate their vehicles with pumpkins, designs, stuffed toy creatures, and candy. The vehicles are parked right next to each other so a child can receive candy at one vehicle and simple move 15 feet to receive candy at the nerxt vehicle! The event is free to all, but those attending are asked to register (so that the church can reach out to them in the near future).

Jay and Joyce participated as "Trunkers," each dressed as a buccaneer. The car was decorated, and Jay had a game that he played with the earlier people who came by; that game had to be set aside as the crowds grew large and we wanted to make sure that the game did not delay the people going from Trunk to Trunk.

Jay and Joyce especially noted how polite the children were and how nice were the parents that brought them. Based on the socio-economic status of that region, it is likely that the children received more candy in one night and they would normally receive in one year. It is estimated that there are 3000 people living within a three mile radius of FBC - Seffner, and it was estimated that around 1500 people from the Seffner community came to Trunk or Treat - pretty doggone good for a first time event.

Both Jay and Joyce are looking forward to participating again next year.

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