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First Baptist Church 301 Thanksgiving 2022

Thonotosassa, Florida
November 22, 2022

One of the Thanksgiving related activities of Fellowship Baptist Church is collecting food and delivering food boxes to needy people in the area.

To do that, food is collected beginning in early November, and a few days before Thanksgiving church members gather at the church's Connection Center to divide up food into boxes and to then deliver the boxes to the designated families.

The food box operation is not difficult, but it requires a fair amount of coordination and pre-planning. First there needs to be a recommended shopping list that church members make their shopping list of items for donation. Next these items collected by the church have to be initially stored but ultimately separated into various piles such as cans of corn and yam, and packages of stuffing mix, etc., so that these items can be divided equally into the designated boxes.

There is even a crew that hand writes small notes of blessings and thanksgiving to each recipient family and a crew that prays over each box.

Filled boxes are checked for quality control and ultimately given to drivers to deliver.

Of course, Joyce and Jay made their donation but also were there for the box packing session that followed a church-provided Thanksgiving dinner.

It was a very nice event in all respects.

Pastor Dave Dahlmer, Event Leader




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