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Junior Olympic Cross Country Regionals

Holloway Park, Lakeland, Florida
November 18, 2023


Robert and Everett traveled down to Lakeland Florida on Friday, November 17, in preparation for the Junior Olympic Cross Country Regionals meet at Holloway Park.

The next morning they were joined by Jay, Karen, Cathy, Daylin, and Braden; who had driven up from the Tampa area to cheer on Everett in his race. The event was well organized and the park's 3 km course provided a bit of elevation for some uphill and downhill running.

In a field of about 45 runners, Everett came in fifth, which was outstanding! His goal was to finish in the top 10 and he certainly did that.

Note that Everett's jersey says Wild Beast Track Club. When Everett became serious about cross country running, and was getting his friends to join him in this athletic activity, he became aware that while an individual could register for a race as an individual runner, most runners belonged to a track club. So Everett created the Wild Beast Track Club and even designed its jersey. How 'bout dat?

Everett's time was 11:18.4, which translates to running at a six minute mile pace for the 3 kilometers.

Great job!!! Everett, we are so proud of you.

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