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Elaine Braden's Interment
Maryland Veterans Cemetery
September 27, 2022
Tuesday, September 27, 2022, was the rescheduled day for Mom's interment at the Maryland Veterans Cemetery (MVC) in Crownsville, Maryland. There she would join her husband Bill and her stepbrother Frank (Rip) Collins.

This was a rescheduled day, because at the first attempt at interment at MVC, Ellen’s flight had been cancelled.

The attendees at MVC were former neighbors from the Severna Park Fairwinds on the Severn community, and cousins Steve, Barry, and Neil Wagenfer. Barry also brought his wife Jackie, and that was sweet.

Ellen had flown up to Maryland on Monday with Mom‘s cremains and stayed at the house of Delcie Mollick who had made the very generous offer for any and all of us coming in from out of state to stay with her. Flying in would be Robert from the Atlanta airport and Jay and Karen from the Tampa airport.

The circumstances were again difficult as Hurricane Ian was marching up the Caribbean towards Tampa Bay and there was the possibility that the Tampa airport could be closed, so Jay and Karen had moved up their return flight from BWI to an earlier departure. They were at the gate in Tampa for their 6:40 AM boarding of their flight to Baltimore when they learned that the Tampa airport - evidently due to an abundance of caution - would be closing at 5 PM that day and, consequently, their return flight would be canceled.

One of their options at that point was to rebook the return flight into Orlando. This assumed that Hurricane Ian would not move towards the Orlando area and force the closing of that airport, and it also assumed that Jay and Karen would be able to get back to their homes from Orlando. Unfortunately, there were too many assumptions in this process, and neither Jay nor Karen wanted their spouses - home alone - to weather the hurricane by themselves; so they each very reluctantly canceled their trip.

Robert, however, with flights to and from Atlanta that would not be affected by the hurricane, elected to make the trip. He was met at the Baltimore airport by Ellen. They both traveled to MVC where all the invited guests had arrived for the brief ceremony that was allowed, for the actual interment, and later – for a restaurant lunch where they could share memories.

Robert was amazing with the technology and got both Karen and Jay linked in via Facebook and that allowed each to participate in the indoor ceremony. We were so so grateful for Robert‘s technical skills.

At the gravesites Ellen had arranged for a beautiful flower basket to be placed on Mom and Dad’s grave. In addition she had two patriotic flower baskets created that were placed on brother Frank Collins’ grave and Bill Braden’s grave.

After the ceremony and the interment everyone traveled to Lures Restaurant where they enjoyed an excellent meal and great camaraderie. Both Ellen and Robert returned to BWI and each made their return flight uneventfully. They each had a great day with great successes and we all thank God that despite Hurricane Ian, the day went by far better than anyone could have expected.

Attendees in addition to Ellen and Robert:

  • Steve Wagenfer
  • Neil Wagenfer
  • Barry Wagenfer
  • Barry’s wife Jackie
  • Pat Tisdale
  • Delcie Mollick
  • Donald and Diné Mongold
  • Betty Allred
  • Nancy Allred-Davis
  • Marcy Anderson
  • Jenny (nee Lucke)
  • Susie (nee Lucke)
To all who attended: We were so grateful and blessed by your presence.        ~Jay and Ellen


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Betty Allred and Robert
Left to right: Lil Eiring, Delcie Mollick, Fairwinds neighbors;
and Nan Allred, (Betty Allred's daughter)

Left to right Pat Tisdale, Jenny Lucke, Susie Lucke
Steve and Neil Wagenfer

Barry Wagenfer, Marcy Anderson, Jackie Wagenfer
Diné and Donald Mongold

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