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The Braden Family has been sending out Christmas letters for more than 40 years. The first such letters were created by cutting and pasting and using a machine that made black and white copies. With today's technology a "Christmas Letter" can be created with color photos and clip art - which I use - and can be sent by e-mail, but I continue to use USPS - receiving a letter in the mailbox is nice. Of course, the hardest letter to write was Christmas 2014. I even considered quitting the "tradition." But decided not to.

I know that these type annual notes are not always enthusiastically received, and the BradenClan letters may well fall into the same category. Nonetheless, they provide an annual update on some of the BradenClan activities, and are hopefully light enough to be also a bit entertaining.

Though the words are different, the message is always always the same: I am thankful for wonderful friends, many whom I have known for a number of years, and I do want to remember the "reason for the season."

Yes, there are some "holes" in the file , and I regret not saving all our Chistmas letters.

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