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Christmas 2023

Michelle Wooden's Condo
December 25, 2023

Jay and Joyce celebrated Christmas Day this year at Michelle Wooden's condo. They were jpined by Michael and Karri Kernohan, Steve Slade, Tyler and Conner Kernohan, and Tess Gardynik with her boyfriend Raymond Woodruff.

The Christmas meal was excellent! A lot of work by Michelle. Very, very tasty.

Then followed four games, two from Michelle and two from Joyce, that were enjoyed by all.

  • First was the "Fill-the-Cup" game when contestants kept adding small amounts of water to a seemingly full cup until the surface tension failed and water ran downthe sides. Jay (the engineer?) was the loser in this fun event.
  • Next, was a game involving a contest to see who could first knock puff balls off paper cups using a blow-out. Two people competed against each other with winners "moving on." The ultimate winner was Conner Kernohan who clearly had the technique down pat.
  • The third game involved a chocolate treat with a puzzle. Everyone was provided one of these. The object was to see who could get their puzzle dome first, including eating the great tasting chocolate goodie. Ray was first and Michael was second in this contest.
  • Lastly was a skills competition involving painting of the paddle that comes with a rubber ball on a rubber band. The three best paintings were by Steve, Tess, and Tyler; and Steve won the runoff by being able to consecutively bounce more balls with his paddle that Tess or Tyler.

After the games there were gift exchanges, some photos, and then farewells. Thanks for a great time, Michelle!

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Left to Right: Conner, Jay, Michael, Tess, Hunter, Karri, Tyler, Steve, Michelle
Joyce, Mallory, Joseph, Ray. Not shown (taking the picture) Nikki

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