Brandon and Spring Hill, Florida

December 24 and 25, 2019


This year Jay and Joyce celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Joyce’s family.

On Christmas Eve they joined Joyce’s family at Howard and Michelle Wooden’s very nice home in Brandon, where a number of other family members on Joyce’s side also met for socializing and a very nice dinner.

Afterwards there was a fun White Elephant Gift Exchange followed by a few games.

Jay takes credit for the games. The previous Christmas Joyce informed Jay that, “My family doesn’t do games.”

So for Christmas 2018 Jay and Joyce played some games at their Colonial Ridge rental property in Brandon and Jay also brought games over to Karri”s house anyway. Now it’s, “What games will you be bringing?”

Some of Jay's games are paper and pencil, as in Trivia Games or Solve-the-Puzzle Games that are done on teams, with team members changing with each different game. Some are guessing games where Jay and Joyce perform some type of “communication magic” and everyone tries to figure out how they do

A few are skill games but not the kind that embarrasses anyone who may not be so skilled.

So for Christmas Eve 2019 at the Woodens the games included a Numbers Game involving six-person teams, and other games with four-person teams including solving paper and pencil puzzles and quizzes, a building game using mini-marshmallows and toothpicks, and a bottle filling game that involved the mini-marshmallows and chopsticks (where we learned we needed larger bottles with smaller mouths). There was also an individual drawing game using paper plates. Lastly we had a game involving making a treindeer hat by stuffing balloons into panty hose. That one was a hit! But everything was all in good fun.

For Christmas Day 2019, Jay and Joyce traveled to Michael and Karri Kernohan’s house for more good food and - of course - some games.

After a great dinner fixed by Michael and Karri, we played team games. There was a Trivia Quiz, a pretty hard Rebus Puzzle, a fun game involving eating Goo-my worms in a plate covered by whip cream, and another team game involving shooting targets using rubber bands.

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Pictures from Christmas Eve at the Woodens
Pictures from Christmas Eve at the Kirnohans