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Caribbean Cruise Aboard the Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Sea

Port Canaveral - St Kitts - St Thomas - Coco Cay
March 12-19, 2023

In September 2022, Jay and Joyce were trying to recover from being stir crazy due to Covid and Joyce's back pain. So they booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean International on the ship Wonder of the Seas for a trip into the Caribbean from March 12 to March 19, 2023.

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This itinerary had three days at sea and three ports of call; the first being at Saint Kitts, the second being at Saint Thomas, in the third being at Royal Caribbean's private island Coco Cay.

Unfortunately, there were two pre-cruise factors that provided resulted in a fair amount of Jay and Joyce's concerns for the voyage.

  • First, Jay had received some mis-information from Royal Caribbean about booking of the shows on the ship, and learned - too late – that all the shows offered were pre-booked. (He was told that there would be more booking openings on Day 1 of the cruise but he was scepticle.)
  • Second, Jay and Joyce learned that their boarding time for the ship was set at 2:30PM. This was the first time in all their previous check-in procedures that they were assigned a check in time. They worried that being held to such a late boarding time would result in them being able to book shows, assuming that was possible at this point.
However, each turned out well.
  • Jay and Joyce arrived at the Port Canaveral embarking location and were checked through onto the ship without any mention of a check-in time.
  • Second, once on board, they found that there were openings now available on all the the shows so these were booked immediately.
  • Additionally, a check of their dining reservation revealed that their request for My Time Dining had not been relayed to the ship, but they were able to resolve this issue with the dining staff and book My Time Dining times for all the days they desired.
Their stateroom was also very nice. It was on Deck 14, midships, and looked down upon Central Park. It was also not that far from the bow, so that they had very easy access to the adults-only Solarium and Solarium Bistro, the latter being a very nice place for eating all three meals each day if one wished.

March 12-19 was Spring Break for many students so the midship pools were boisterous places, and so the Solarium with its hot and cold spas and ample deck chairs were a peaceful alternative.

Jay and Joyce brought with them the allowed bottles of wine and soda, and between their in-room fridge and the ice bucket filled twice a day by their cabin attendant, they avoided the pretty expensive drink packages.

Check out and disembarking procedures at the end of the cruise were very efficient and they were back home before 11AM.

Now back to life; back to reality . . . but with some very pleasant memories.

Fun Days at Sea

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Caribbean Cruisin'

Fun Days at Sea

St Kitts

St Thomas

St Patrick's Day at Sea

Perfect Day at Coco Cay