Carnival Cruise

Four Nights
Tampa to Cozumel and Return
March 1-5, 2012
Yes, it was spur-of-the-moment. Guilty as charged. But we could do it so we did. Thanks to Joyce Gerardi and Karen for transportation to and from the port. We had a good time. Met a very nice couple: Glen and Lisa from Titusville who had worked many years in the space industry and were truly part of a wonderful era. We shared a dinner table, and speaking with them each night was one of the highlights of the trip. To begin with we enjoyed a restful day at sea and then it was Cozumel, where we didn't have anything planned. We let ourselves get talked into a two hour time share presentation where a series of sales people tried to wear us down, but we held onto our wallets until they caved in and gave us the promised pass to their all-inclusive resort on the water, just across from the docks. So we swam, snorkeled, sunned, ate, and drank on their dime for the rest of the afternoon and decided that enduring the sales pitches might have been worth it. The day at sea going back was a bit rough, and a number of people weren't feeling well, but Bonnie and I were able to make the required fourteen trips to the buffet, where - among other things - Bonnie had her salmon. For this trip we had an interior cabin, which was great for sleeping in because when the lights are turned off it's pitch black. We arrived back in Tampa and already miss our cabin attendant and waiters.