Callaway Gardens

Labor Day 2015

We returned to Callaway Gardens, a 6,500-acre resort complex located in Pine Mountain, Georgia, to celebrate Labor Day Weekend. The was the last weekend of swimming at Robin Lake the largest man-made white sand beach in the world, stretching a mile around the 65-acre lake.

We again stayed at their pine cottages. These are very nice accommodations for a family. Like last time I took one of the bedrooms and Robert and Natalie and their boys took the other.

This was their annual Balloon Fast, and so we all got a close up look at probably 20 of the hot air balloons that ringed the lake. The show was especially spectacular at night when the balloons took turns firing their propane gas tanks to light the greatly decorated airships. There was a demonstration of Frisbee-catching dogs (FUN!!) and also a Classic Car show that was interesting.

One of the fun things that Robert, Natalie, Benjamin, and Everett did was to play in the Aqua Park, a collection of inflatable's in the lake that included slides, places to bounce, and perches where one could jump into the lake waters. Charlie and I played in the sand and watched the families adventures.

We also played in their children's park where the boys loved climbing all over everything. And we enjoyed eating goodies from the food trucks that were on site. And we did get our required swim in the Cottages Pool.

Robert and I played miniature golf and I won, as usual. (This is my Website; so I get to say what I want.)

Another good time!

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