Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football

Raymond James Stadium
Tampa, Florida
November 9, 2014

Got to attend a Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game today courtesy of neighbor Kevin Dorsey, who got some free tickets from a friend.

Neighbor Rob Brinkman drove, and we arrived early enough to do some tailgating with snacks that included wings from Beef O'Brady's.

The program for the game involved a salute to the military, so there were skydivers that jumped into the stadium, and an overflight by Coast Guard aircraft. Plus many veterans were recognized.

The weather was just about perfect, perhaps 65 to 70 and with a slight haze that kept the sun off us.

Everything was very good except for the score; the Bucks lost 27-17 to the Atlanta Falcons.

Thanks for the invite!!!

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Pre-game floats


Price of a ticket: $75
Tailgating snacks and beverages: $45
Staduim food and drink: $35
Catchin 50-cent beads: Priceless!!