The Brooksville Raid

A Civil War Reenactment
January 2016
The Brooksville Raid was an incursion that Union troops launched into Hernando County, Florida, during the Civil War. It is commemorated annually by what is called the largest Civil War reenactment in Florida.

The Raid began on July 1, 1864, when a force of 240 Union soldiers from Fort Myers arrived by sea and traveled to the area with the objective of disrupting the supply chain of food, primarily cattle, that was being raised and shipped North to feed the Confederate Army. The Union force was detected by Confederates and the result was primarily skirmishing. There was no fixed battle. Ultimately the Union force withdrew to its ships after burning some homes and capturing about 60 bales of cotton.

Steve and Sandra invited me to attend the reenactment along with Savanah, Seth, and Sydney. It was about a 90 minute drive but very well worth it. I enjoyed talking to the reenactors and seeing the displays of Union and Confederate equipment and supplies. At the end of the day there was a battle reenactment, and this was also very interesting. Thanks, Steve and Sandra, for inviting me.

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Papa B with two US Marines

Forming ranks in the Confederate encampment
The Union Band

A great hillside view of the mock battle
After the "battle" all the reenactors converged to salute the visitors